Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sleeps With Angels

Howie Post passed away May 21st at the age of 83. From then to now comic blogs have been filled with tributes and memories of his work and person. It's not going to be me who tells you the Post's importance in the comic book history, among the other things, because they do much better:

Of course, I'm joining in with a little contribution, mostly because Post was lately present in my mind. The second story I bring here belongs to Hot Stuff, the Little Devil #19 (1960).

There's no credits about the author of this story, but I assume Post is behind it since he was the main artist of the series and did a majority of the stories, and because he probably created Little Hot Stuff, despite it's officially attributed to Alfred Harvey.

Besides, there's two strong reasons why I've selected this story and not other. The first one is because I really like it, of course.

The other one is because, as I was reading, I couldn't stop imagining that the little devil was, in fact, Howie Post himself in search of a good place to have a quite snooze, whereas we, the readers, were the animals that don't give him a moment's peace. Guys like Post simply made life a little bit more comfortable.

There's no other reason for the first story that it's just amazing in all sense. A kid comic gem indeed.

Giggle Toons from Funny Stuff #40 (1956)

Hot Stuff, the Little Devil #19 (1960)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've seen Hot Stuff before!

Mykal Banta said...

Fine tribute to a great cartoonist, my friend! I had not seen the "giggle toons" story. It was wonderful!

rogue evolent said...

Two great stories, thanks for sharing them Gabriel!!
I have to say, as much as I like Hot Stuff, the Ziggy the Whale story delighted me even more; loved some of the gags (the Sea Gulls hangout; the underwater writing pen)
The dumb expression of this buck toothed little whale won me over.

Gabriel said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Alex: I'm sure you did!!

Mykal, Rogue: Giggle Toons was a strip that run inside the Funny Stuff pages and I think it just lasted for 5 or 6 issues.
However, each one is totally brilliant and they're surprisingly signed by Post.
Probably Giggle Toons vanished to leave more pages to The Dodo and The Frog. After that, Post took charge of Rufus The Lion.

Ziggy The Whale is kind-hearted, for sure.

Jeff Overturf said...

Great stuff!

I'm glad to see so many folks saying goodbye to such a spirited cartoonist!

Amazing that while I (and I'm sure many others) never knew his name, his style is sooooooo unmistakeable, even for a publisher like Harvey who's house-style was so set in stone.

Thanks Gabriel!