Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DO NOT mark or mutilate — Others want to read it

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Mike Lynch Cartoons
shows a little collection of scans from the book King Kojo by Ruth Plumly Thompson -known for writting the WIZARD OF OZ series of books after Frank Baum passed away, and illustrated by Marge. Yes, Marge herself who created the great-Little Lulu three years erlier. I have no idea if there are more illustrations apart from Mike's scans -let's hope so! Anyway we can see some characteristics of her author in these few images: liveliness, unexpected perspectives and a cheerful, bright mood among other things. Color has been a surprise for me, really.
This book was edited in
1938 by the David McKay Company and is a little (or great) tresure Mike Lynch has found "in the back of a local hardware store, a small area with maybe 1000 used books".
Congratulations, Mike!

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Mike Lynch said...

My thanks, Gabriel, for posting this link to my blog. Yes, there are a lot more illustrations. A lot!!!

Gabriel said...

I hope you share a little more of this gorgeous stuff with the rest of the world in the near future (I'm just making a wish, of course). Maybe someday?. My thanks to you for your essential posts.